Re-Tinning Service

Newlyn Tinning, 5 Foundry Lane, Newlyn, Penzance, Cornwall, TR18 5JD, UK
Tel: +44 (0)7938935361

Newlyn Tinning can provide a new lease of life to your copper cookware with full Re-Tinning & Reconditioning

No complete pot or pan is beyond restoration

Each and every pot or pan I receive will undergo a thorough 5 Stage process.

1. First of all, each pan will undergo a deep clean to remove all oils, greases and baked on carbon providing a clean item to be further worked.
2. Next, each pan will be reshaped and all rivets checked and tightened.
3. Following the shaping, pans will be completely stripped of all oxides leaving a molecularly sound surface pre-tinning.
4. Now the pan is ready for tinning and will have a traditional flux applied and the whole pan heated to the correct temperature. Tinning the whole pan at once will give a superior lining compared to tinning in sections. Each will be heated, tin applied and wiped at least twice giving thickness to the tin.
5. Finally, each pan will be externally cleaned and polished through five stages to reveal the beautiful luster of the copper.

Usual turnaround is up to 3-4 weeks from receiving to return.

Service Cost

The cost of this service can easily be calculated by multiplying the diagonal dimension of the pan, in millimeters, from the base to the opposite rim as shown in the diagram below by £0.20
Example for a 200mm diagonal measurement of a round pan: 200×0.20=£40.00

If the pan is oval or square, an average of the smallest and largest diagonal measurements should be used.
Example for 300 X 200mm diagonal measurements of a rectangular pan: 300+200÷2=250×0.20=£50

The cost for a round cover is priced at £0.09 per millimeter, multiplied by the diameter.
Please use an average of largest and smallest diameters for rectangular or oval covers.

For assistance with Re-Tinning & Reconditioning Quotes
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Tin lined copper. The zenith of cookware sought after across millennia.