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Diameters: 25 cm, 9.84″ / 18 cm, 7.08″

Height: 13.5 cm, 5.31″ / 10.5 cm, 4.13″

Weight & Thickness: 4383g 3.3mm, 1889g 2.6mm

Handles: Bell Metal.

Age: 20th C

For USA clients: Under the Low Value Shipment Regulatory Modernization Act of 2015, the maximum value of articles that may be imported duty-free by one person on one day is $800, with the exception of HS Tariff 9706000000 ‘antiques over 100 years old’ that incur NO IMPORT FEES 😉
(Other destinations may be similar & I will always do my best getting these “repaired” items to you free from ridiculous import fees.)

Shipping savings available on multiple items up to a total of 25kg. Please use weights shown on listings.
Checkout should automatically adjust the shipping fees but should this not happen please contact me.