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Saucepan Set Antique English.

Antique English pans with matching cover comprising of two shallower vegetable boiling pans of accustomed thickness copper & one heavier gauge saucepan.
Possibly manufactured by Benham & Froud from the handle arrangement.


Diameter: 20.5 cm, 8″
Height: 13.4 cm, 5.25″
Weight Pan: 2799 grs, 6.17 lb. Total Weight: 3524 grs, 7.76 lb
Rim thickness: 2.2  –  2.3 mm
Base: Flat

Vegetable Pan Large:
Diameter: 21 cm, 8.25″
Height: 9.5 cm, 3.75″
Weight Pan: 1892 grs, 4.17 lb. Total Weight: 2502 grs, 5.51 lb
Rim thickness: 1.7  –  1.8 mm
Base: Slightly Convex

Vegetable Pan Medium:
Diameter: 18.2 cm, 7.16″
Height: 9.4 cm, 3.7″
Weight Pan: 1530 grs, 3.37 lb. Total Weight: 2067 grs, 4.55 lb
Rim thickness: 1.5  –  1.6 mm
Base: Slightly Convex

Handles: Iron

Age: Late 19th C

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