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Traditional Daubiere used for cooking “Daube de boeuf.”
This recipe was apparently created by mistake (as many of the greats are) when the humble pesant cook kept being distracted and forgetting the pot. The contents were left to simmer out completely dry before adding more liquid & this is said to have happened several times? Once the family sat down to eat, they were all amazed at its unique flavor and it became a regular meal that was passed on.
Many people cooking a Daube de boeuf will often line the pot with parchment prior to adding the browned ingredients.

Diameter: 35×21.5 cm, 13.75×8.5″ (cooking body)

Height: 19.4cm, 7.75″ (Excluding Cover)

Weight: 6978grs, 15.38 lb

Finish: Planished

Base: Planished.

Including the Handles and cover, the measurements overall are 48 cm/19″ length & 24cm/9.5″ high.

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