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Unresearched Coronet mark with monogram.
A fine piece of English history & heritage complete with the often elusive strainer.

Please note that this has been purposefully converted in it’s history from a pan with handles of a different style. Undoubtedly commissioned by the estate kitchen & the previous rivets blanked over.
I have tested the stockpot up to the boil & there is a slight weep. As it stands there is a drip once every 24 seconds. Possibly not ideal but this is more common than not & many a fine Victorian kitchen would have had the same issue easily resolved with an additional cork stopper. Up to the boil it remains bone dry but once things start expanding at different rates the weep occurs.

Heavily tinned for years of future use!

Diameter: 26 cm, 10.23″

Height: 23.5 cm, 9.25″ (without cover)

Weight: 7950 grs, 17.52 lb

Rim thickness: 2.6 – 2.7 mm

Handles: Bell metal

Finish: Planished with age.

Base: Slight wobble

Age: Mid – Late 19th

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