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Z BENHAM & FROUD CREPE PAN (English Saute) 9.5″


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Benham & Froud Crepe Pan (English Saute)

Rare size crepe pan made by the sought after “Benham & Froud”

Pre dates Benham & Sons, Wigmore St., London, was established as a company in the 1870s and became Limited in 1892 with six directors. They produced copperware of the same quality to the previous company, Benham & Froud. The London company apparently closed in 1907 and moved to Birmingham.
Benham & Sons, Ltd., Strafford House, Strafford Place Birmingham, were marketing cookware after 1907 until late 20th century.

Orb mark to the base of Benham & Froud, Chandos St, London along side the manufacturing mark.

The famous ‘orb’ was adopted by Benham & Froud because the firm made the present cross on the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral in 1821 and it could be seen from the shop in London.
Simultaniously, the orb also represents an inverted ‘ankh’, the Greek symbol for copper.

Diameter: 24.5 cm, 9.64″

Height: 4 cm, 1.57″

Weight: 1200 grs, 2.64 lb

Rim thickness: 1.5 – 1.6 mm

Handle: Iron

Finish: Planished with age.

Base: Planished, no wobble very slight concave.

Age: Late 19th – Early 20th

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