How your Copper pans will be processed at Newlyn Tinning

Each and every pan that comes through Newlyn Tinning will undergo the same through reconditioning process resulting in a cookware ready for many years of unbeatable service.

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Testimony From Around The World

Greg: I have looked at various suppliers and nobody comes anywhere near your quality or attention to detail.

B W: Steve, I just had to tell you how GLORIOUS that Jacquotot oval gratin is. It photographed beautifully for your listing, but nothing can compare to actually holding it in my hands. It’s wonderful and I am so, so pleased to own it. In fact I think I’m going to use it to make dinner this evening!
Thank you for finding this beautiful thing and restoring it. I love having it and look forward to using it for years.

Martin: This was my second purchase. Love at first sight and I know from experience that it will last a lifetime. I know some dealers in Europe who offer similar goods. But Steve is the best. His restoration is technically perfect and reasonably priced. Timely and detailed communication. Fast and safe shipping. Thanks Steve! Martin

Mr. W: Fantastic quality pan. The craftsmanship is superb and Steven’s attention to detail and love for his craft and profession is obvious in the finished article. Service and delivery was also first class. I will certainly be purchasing from Newlyn Tinning again.

Adam: I’m chef at %$*&^%$£S hotel (A TOP LONDON HOTEL) and have always enjoyed using the copper pans for their history and craftsmanship.
Thought a stock pot would be so rare I’d never find one to buy for home , so am over joyed.

Shae: Super quick shipping and really stunning work on this antique. I absolutely love it and highly recommend Steve’s work!

Emily: A fantastic pan from my favorite seller.

Mr. K: Perfectly restored and newly tinned saucepan, solid craftsmanship – thanks Steve

Anthony: The pan arrived today and it is beautiful. Such a transformation. Thank you very much for excellent service.

Lizzie & Ian: Thank you Steve for the amazing results with our copper pots having been re tinned. I’m so pleased – they look amazing! They are now happily back in their place on the kitchen dresser awaiting to be used again in their glory! Thank you so much for your expertise & they were so beautifully packed and we really appreciate it. Thank you again!

Tin lined copper. The zenith of cookware sought after across millennia.

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