Retinning copper pots and pans and the tinning of copper cookware utensils has never been easier with the Newlyn Tinning copper cookware service. Based in the historic copperworking town of Newlyn, Cornwall, UK, Newlyn Tinning offers a bespoke door to door copper pan retinning service using nothing but the age old method of hand wiped tinning. Simply ship your pans to me including your order form or note with your details and I’ll take care of the rest.


Copper Pan retinning for copper pots and pans near me.

How are copper pots and pans retinned?

Before the retinning of any copper pot or pan can commence there are several steps of preparation. Firstly, each and every pan is submerged and deep cleaned. This not only removes built up grease but also hardened carbon deposits. Next on the list is reshaping the pan to remove any warps & dents along with tightening any rivets. This process however will not remove age related nicks nor detract from the overall appearance of a well used, well loved pan. At this point any rivets that are damaged can be replaced along with splits being repaired with high temperature food grade silver solder (additional fees usually apply). Following this the stripping of all old lining including surface oxides will take place leaving a molecular sound surface that’s clean & bright. Finally, the pans will have a traditional whiting applied to provide protection to the exterior and a traditional acid flux specially formulated by Newlyn Tinning will be applied to the cooking surface. After that the whole pan is heated to the correct temperature and retinned. Tinning the whole pan at once will give a superior lining compared to tinning in sections as many do.
As can be seen Newlyn Tinning offers a new lease of life to your copper cookware with a full retinning and reconditioning service. Hand Wiped Tinning using only the purest food grade tin. The Only Method for Quality Cookware.

The standard re-tinning service includes:

• Deep cleaning to remove all carbon & grease
• Reshaping & dent removal
• Rivet tightening
• Mechanical stripping of old lining back to bare bright copper
• Pure tin re-tinning
• Exterior clean to fine satin finish inline with most other retinning services throughout the world.
• All relined pans are intended for culinary use & not serviced for decretive intention.

How much does it cost to get copper pots and pans Retinned?

Pan retinning cost calculator

The cost of retinning and refinishing copper cookware can be calculated below. Larger items that calculate a cost in excess of £100 usually incurs a 20% large item surcharge.

Lid retinning cost calculator

For round flat covers please use the diameter in mm’s.
If oval or square an average of the two lengths should be used.

Retinning service shipping details.

Pans are to be shipped to Newlyn Tinning in a suitably strong, well-packed box with plenty of room with handles neither sticking out nor jammed in!
In the event that replacement packing be required a fee or £3.50 may be charged.

Most important. Please don’t forget to include a note with your name, address, email and telephone number with your order. Alternatively, use this printable pdf Order Form.

Copper pan re-tinning shipping service.

Click to be taken to where you will find great prices to get your pans to me.

Return Shipping from Newlyn Tinning once retinned.

Return shipping is via ParcelForce and prices shown are up to 30kg.

• £11.00 with insurance value up to £100
• £16.50 with insurance value up to £500
• Non UK Mainland £POA

We use only the best tin for all our retinning.

Only the purest virgin, food-grade tin will be used in the relining process, leaving your treasured pot’s and pan’s ready for many years of unbeatable service.

Tin will neither impart flavour nor harmful by-products such as PFOA known to be produced by non-stick PTFE surfaces. Tin is 100% food safe & has been used to line copper cookware for over 9000 years I am informed!!!

Unsure of what makes a good choice of pan? Please take a moment to visit the Blog page What makes a great copper pan where you will find a few basic principals to seek out the good stuff.

Once your pan is completed an invoice will be sent with all relevant payment details.
However, if paying by cheque or postal order, please include this with your delivery made out to Steven Pearse. The return Shipping Fee can be found on the Payments & Shipping page or the Order Form.

For assistance with Re-Tinning & Reconditioning Quotes
please use the contact page.

Can you recondition unlined copper cookware?

Yes, Newlyn Tinning can restore this also by fully deep cleaning and polishing of your treasured confectionery, preserve or other patisserie grade cookware that requires no lining using Osborne Canning Compound. This vegetable based polishing compound is particularly favoured by the food industry.

In this case please contact me for more details but its usually half the price of the retinning service.

Unlined copper pans.

Click for patisserie pan care

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