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Re-Tinning service” for copper cookware. “Hand Wiped” Traditional and best

Based in the UK, Newlyn Tinning offers a worldwide “Traditional Hand Wiped
Re-Tinning & Reconditioning Service” for re-tinning copper pans, re-tinning copper pots & re-tinning copper cookware. Only the purest virgin tin will be used in the re-tinning process, leaving your treasured pot’s and pan’s ready for many years of unbeatable service.

For fully reconditioned copper cookware, Worldwide sales & supply, please visit Newlyn Tinning’s Battery De Cuisine at “Shop Online

Newlyn Tinning also offers a world relay service for any newly acquired cookware

Why not consider seeking out something special and have it sent directly to me for reconditioning, finishing & forwarding onto any world destination?
From the world’s top chefs to the humblest cooks, your cookware will undergo a transformation resulting in beautiful pots & pans ready for many years of great use.
Please visit “Payments & Shipping” for more details.

Re-Tinning World Relay Service

Tin lined copper. The zenith of cookware sought after across millennia.