Newlyn Tinning
5 Foundry Lane, Newlyn, Penzance, Cornwall, TR18 5JD, UK
Email: newlyntinning@gmail.com
Tel: +44 (0)7938935361


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Helping to sustain Newlyn’s famed Copper Working heritage through the 21st Century!!!
Tin lined copper. The original & enduring Non-Stick cookware surface!!!

Based in the historic & ongoing Cornish copper working town of Newlyn, UK, Newlyn Tinning offers a Worldwide shop to buy copper cookware that has been fully restored & international Re-Tinning & Reconditioning Service for re-tinning copper pans, re-tinning copper pots & re-tinning copper cookware.

Newlyn Tinning does not currently offer the tinning of kettles. Please search for electroplating.

UK’s only Re-Tinning Service that’s currently VAT Free. Please visit the Re-Tinning Service (cost calculator) page.

More & more people are turning back to tin lined copper cookware. Since well before the Bronze Age, the Copper Age!, tin lined copper cookware has been employed in kitchens the world over for it’s super responsive temperature control, even heat & non-stick properties. This is why many chef’s & cooks always choose tin lined copper, not to mention it looks great!
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From the world’s top chefs to the humblest cooks, your cookware will undergo a transformation resulting in beautiful pots & pans ready for many years of great use.

Tin lined copper. The zenith of cookware sought after across millennia. 

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