Retinning Copper Pots And Pans

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Retinning copper pots and pans and the tinning of copper cookware utensils has never been easier with the Newlyn Tinning copper cookware service. Based in the historic copperworking town of Newlyn, Cornwall, UK, Newlyn Tinning offers a bespoke door to door copper pan retinning service using nothing but the age old method of hand wiped tinning. Simply ship your pans to me including your order form or note with your details and I’ll take care of the rest.

Chefs and cooks that demand the best favour no other. Tin is the non-toxic, non-stick, 100% food safe cookware surface used over millennia. Tin lined cookware, the choice of chefs!

Copper Pan retinning near me

How do you retin copper pots and pans?

Here at Newlyn Tinning we only prepare and retin copper pans in small batches ensuring the best quality possible.
The standard full service as quoted on the cost calculator linked below includes:

Retinning copper pots and pans
• Deep cleaning to remove all carbon & grease
• Reshaping & dent removal
• Rivet tightening
• Mechanical stripping of old tin lining back to bare copper
• Pure tin re-tinning
• Exterior clean to fine satin finish inline with most other retinning services throughout the world.

Copper pan re-tinning. retinning copper cookware.

Why are copper pots and pans lined with tin?

More and more people are turning back to tin lined copper cookware making it the original and enduring non-toxic, non-stick 100% food safe cookware surface!!!

Since well before the Bronze Age, the Copper Age!, tin lined cookware has been employed in kitchens the world over for it’s super responsive temperature control given its 25 times more conductive than stainless steel, even heat distribution and non-stick properties.

Julia Child once advised in Mastering the Art of French Cooking “Copper pots are the most satisfactory of all to cook in, as they hold and spread the heat well” .

This is why many chef’s and cooks always choose tin lined copper, not to mention it looks great and each freshly laid lining can out last up to five Teflon©, PTFE lined pans within the professional environment. That is to say, five pans rendered useless and off to the tip for each time a copper pan is relined and that’s not to mention the health risks surrounding PTFE and how TOXIC it is, nor the expense of buying disposable cookware items!

Are tin lined copper pans good for you?

When we use a tin lined pan, as with aluminium, Stainless steel, iron, or the dreaded PTFE mentioned above, it will impart traces into the food when cooking. This is a simple fact and the very reason copper pans are tinned with a safe metal element that imparts no flavour, nor harmful by-products into our bodies.

When we use a tin lined copper pan micro trace elements of tin will be absorbed, mainly in the form of tin oxide and this is thought to be of great health benefits.

For example this study on the Health Benefits and Toxicity of the Element Tin and its Effect on Adrenals, Depression and Fatigue indicates improvements with fatigue, some forms of depression and even shows a general increase in energy, well-being and mood. There were also benefits with certain types of headaches, insomnia, asthma, or improvements with digestion, skin, or various aches and pains.

Not long ago, it wasn’t known for sure whether tin (Sn) is a nutrient essential to our health, or not. Nowadays, this micro-mineral is classified as essential, not only because our body has cell receptors for it and contains minute but always present amounts, but also because it has been linked to some important body functions.

The history of Newlyn copper.

Newlyn Tinning is also helping to sustain Newlyn’s famed Copper Working heritage through the 21st Century!!! You, the customers, are the main factor in this since 1890!

During the late 19th century the fishing industry in Cornwall was becoming unreliable as a source of income. Not only that, but bad weather and seasonal fluctuations brought enforced periods of inactivity. Due to this it was decided that an alternative means of employment could be gained by training the fishermen to produce items in copper.
During this time much of the influence came from the Arts and Crafts Movement which was concerned with the notion of ‘the dignity of manual work’ and the promotion and preservation of craftsmanship in the face of the increasing industrialisation in the late 19th century.

The famous artist John D MacKenzie is credited with being the instigator of the Newlyn Copper Industry. MacKenzie arrived in 1888 as a painter and illustrator and in 1890 subsequently founded the Newlyn Industrial Class, instructing local people to metalwork.

The Newlyn copper working industry is still going strong today!

Newlyn Copperworks and Newlyn copper.

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